Mystery Skype with a Twist



Mystery Skype

Asia Victoria Skype

Mystery Skype is becoming increasingly popular with schools around the world. Connecting with schools has never been easier. makes it easy to find teachers and classrooms around the world to connect with. However, for schools in Asia, connecting with English speaking schools in the Western hemisphere is a challenge. Most schools in the US or Canada for example are between 12 and 15 hours behind. Australian and New Zealand schools are only an hour a head of us here in Korea but because of my school’s unique schedule, we often begin our classes when their classes finish.

Skype with a Twist

Victoria Asia Skype

My students create a variety of video projects. We have our own little news show, we create scary movies for Halloween, and we often choose a video project for different presentations. Therefore, we decided to create videos for Mystery Skype!

The first step was to find a school willing to work with us. I’m happy to say it didn’t take long. I was able to find a teacher in Alberta Canada that was excited to be a part of this little experiment. The next step was to arrange how the videos would be shared. We use Youtube for our blog posts so I suggested using it for this project. To avoid privacy concerns we uploaded unlisted vidoes and shared the links with each other. Another option would be to use Dropbox. It’s pretty simple to use but it’s also easy to run out of space quickly. The final step was to decide on what kinds of questions to ask and how many hints to give. We decided to ask only yes or no questions and each student could share their own hint.

Not Quite Finished 

My students were very excited to get started and very eager to share information about their culture and country. We’ve shared three videos so far and we plan on sharing at least two more. It didn’t take long for us or them to figure out our countries. To keep the game going a little longer we asked the students to try and find the city. We gave more detailed hints which guided the students in their research. Since it’s Halloween we will share a little bit about our Halloween customs with our new friends.


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