App Smashing 


We’ve been working on our save sharks projects now for about 2 weeks. Projects like the ones we are putting together take a lot of time. I only see most students once or twice a week for about an hour or 90 minutes. 

This week we decided to try something a little different. Using Toontastic my students wanted to create news reports about sharks. However, they wanted to add some real video of sharks as well. However, Toontastic does not allow users to add their own videos. So we had to get a little creative.

As you can see from the above photo, we drew a TV in Paper 53 (Our favorite drawing app), then after importing the clip into Toontastic we added a bright green background. After the students finished adding their actions and dialogue we exported the videos to the camera roll. 

We then download a short video clip of a shark swimming.( I did this using a Youtube downloading program on my MacBook) From there is was very easy to import both clips into Green Screen by Do-Ink

With a little clipping here and a little adjusting there our videos were finished. (To get the vidoes from my MacBook to the iPads we use Dropbox)

If you can’t download a video from Youtube you could always make your own using Toontastic or stopmotion.


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