Shark4Kids is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to “creating a new generation of shark advocates” through a creative and dynamic educational experience. Sharks4Kids is located in the Bahamas. Jillian and the team at Sharks4Kids promote their message through Skype Calls, classroom visits and other out-reach programs.

I found Jillian’s lesson on Skype in the classroom. However, I was worried that because of the 13 hour time difference it would be difficult to arrange a time to talk. I was pleasantly surprised when Jillian agreed to stay up a little later than usual to talk to us on a Friday night her time, Saturday morning our time.

Pre-Skype Call

About 2 weeks before our Skype call with Sharks4Kids I started reviewing information about sharks with my classes. The Sharks4Kids website provided some great videos and even a PowerPoint. Using the PowerPoint and other resources we learned about how much trouble sharks are in and ways we could help them. My students suggested that we should create projects to raise awareness about sharks. I thought this was a great idea and I suggested a few ideas. We are currently working on our projects and I’ve posted a few examples at the bottom of this post.

Skype Call


On August 23, 2014 my students spoke with Jillian Morris a marine biologist and cofounder of sharks4kids. For about an hour Jillian captivated my students with cool shark facts and information about how and why we should protect sharks. My students had plenty of questions for Jillian and she was happy to answer all of them. Even some of the more stranger questions like would sharks eat a bowl of salad? Despite a few technical difficulties my students enjoyed speaking with Jillian. Several parents called and wanted me to thank Jillian for taking the time to speak to their children. As I had hoped, our talk with Jillian inspired my students to work hard on their Save Shark projects.

Shark Projects 

I will continue to update this blog post when more projects come in!