Had to Get Creative 



A few weeks ago my daughter’s first grade teacher asked me to read English stories to her class. There are 26 students in her class and only 2 or 3 speak English fluently. Since I didn’t have access to big books I took advantage of the big screen TV in the class. There was no wifi so I connected my iPad with an hdmi cable to the tv. This allowed me to use interactive books to tell stories to the class.

In the first few weeks the students really enjoyed the stories. I was able to choose stories that were simple but engaged the young students. However,  there are only a limited amount of free interactive books appropriate books for first grade EFL students. So I am faced with the dilemma of choosing less interactive books or buying books. After spending the last few weeks teaching my own students, how to use Book Creator for the iPad I decided to write my own stories with the help of my own first grade English students. The idea is to add short videos clips created by my first graders to engage my daughter’s class. We planned the stories in class today, and we shot a few short clips. Over the weekend my plan is to write the stories and add the video clips. On Monday when I see my first graders I will add some voice over and maybe even some sounds effects. If all goes well I will post the final project here.

Update July 2, 2014

I wanted to update my progress on the book. Well my students and are were able to complete the book on Monday. Now it’s ready to be read to my daughters class. I’m very proud of what my first graders were able to do. The mini vidoes in the story are quite comical.

Update July 8, 2014

I finally figured out an easy way to share my students’ completed books. If you have an Apple device you can easily download and read the stories. If you are on Windows I am not really sure, maybe the Kindle Reader App from Amazon. Here are the links to the books






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